Monthly Archives: December 2010

Physicists Playing Dice

I was talking with my wife about the Einstein quote, “God does not play dice” and explaining that it sounds, unfortunately, like he is against randomness. Whatever he meant by it, randomness itself is not a problem. But when one plays dice, one usually plays with others. And that is the problem. It occurred to […]

Menu Done

The front page and its table of contents is done. The menu at the top has been arranged and hopefully the skeletal outline of this site is mostly done. I think the topics are well-covered. If the pages need to be broken further, I think there will then be subpages that do not appear on […]

What is the role of the blog?

This blog will have a variety of different uses. Some entries will be to publish Bohmian news such as new articles, books, and events. Other entries will be reviews of books and articles. A third category of entries will be more of a FAQ. A final category is that of speculative ideas. While publishing is […]