Bohmian mechanics has a long history starting at the beginning of the quantum formalism. It is an ongoing area of research, but it has many critics. We explore all of that. In this section we also tackle the relevance of the no hidden variable theorems and Bell’s theorem.

History of Bohmian mechanics

When did this theory start and what happened to it?

Status of Bohmian mechanics

Is it still an active area of research? Is it still rejected by mainstream physics? Can it handle the current body of physics knowledge? Can it solve the problems that physicists are trying to solve at the current time?

Criticisms of Bohmian mechanics

Why is Bohmian mechanics not accepted? What are its problems, both real and imaginary?

No Hidden Variable Theorems

Are there not theorems that say that Bohmian mechanics cannot be correct if quantum mechanics is correct?

Bell’s Theorem

Did not Bell and Aspect show that Bohmian mechanics is impossible? What was Bell’s Theorem anyway?