Bohmian mechanics is a dynamical system rich in structure. Measures figure very prominently and naturally in the analysis of this theory.

What we will convey in these pages will be just pointers to what has been done and where it has been done. While some of the big ideas might be conveyed in the pages, the details are best left to the scholarly papers cited in the following pages.

Existence and Uniqueness of Trajectories

Does the dynamics have solutions? Are they unique? What are the conditions for a successful theory and when do these properties fail to hold?

Scattering Theory

What contribution to the theory of scattering does Bohmian mechanics give?

Emergence of the Quantum Formalism

If we did not already know the quantum rules, how might they arise naturally from this theory, if at all?

Bohmian Ideas in Computing the Wave Function

Is it possible to use the Bohmian trajectories in a useful way to compute answers to our predictions?

The Classical Limit

Do the trajectories of the particles become classical under certain conditions? What are those conditions?