There are a few groups working on Bohmian mechanics related ideas. Some use this nomenclature while others go under the other names for this theory. Most of the material is in the form of research articles though there are a few books. There are no regularly recurring conferences on Bohmian mechanics, but there have been some conferences on quantum theories without observers which has a strong Bohmian component.

Are you looking to do research in Bohmian mechanics? We do not recommend it. Rather, do “normal” research, research with strong grant funding and use the Bohmian point of view as a secret tool to doing better and more understandable work. But if you insist, it is possible to do Bohmian research and succeed. Review the articles cited above and contact authors whose works intrigue you.

But think carefully before pursuing this path. Academia is hard enough to succeed in without having a stigma associated to your area as Bohmian mechanics has. You have been warned.

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