This site is all about the theory of Bohmian mechanics.

It first and foremost is a place whose pages will be here to tell people about the theory. Does it work? How is it used? How does it make sense with the usual formalism? Where do we go from here?

Such questions and more will be answered on the pages throughout the site.

The blog portion of the website is a feed for current events, speculative ideas, and reviews of articles, books, etc. The blog is to be thought of as less rigorous and more along the lines of personal views. Every effort has been made to make the other webpages of this site be based on hard fact and very little speculation, if any at all.

Who are we? Currently, this site is being hosted and run by James Taylor and represents his views alone. Though perhaps one day that will change.

The site is currently under heavy construction having essentially started in December 2010.


James Taylor received his PhD from Rutgers in 2003. His thesis, Connections to Bohmian Mechanics, was on formulations of quantum mechanics (topological questions, role of spin, identical particles), extending Taylor’s theorem to mappings between manifolds, and deriving solutions to Schrödinger’s equation. His thesis adviser was Sheldon Goldstein and he has also been co-authors with Roderich Tumulka, Detlef Dürr, and Nino Zanghì.

Currently, he is raising a family, teaching part-time at Johns Hopkins University, and working on the site Programming Mathematics which aims to teach mathematics through the power of programming JavaScript.