What site is complete without some frequently asked questions?

Here are a few questions that are no doubt answered in the other pages of this site, but gathered here for convenience.

  • Why Bohmian mechanics?
    Bohmian mechanics supplies a coherent theory of quantum phenomena. It is simple, clear, consistent, extendable, and amenable to analysis. It has contained in it the quantum formalism, but it does not require an analysis of measurement in order to state the theory.
  • Why not Bohmian mechanics?
    Good question. There are many objections to the theory with few being serious. The few that are serious, such as nonlocality, are features of quantum physics and apparently reality. One of the main reasons physicists may not like Bohmian mechanics is that this theory takes the wave function seriously and the position representation seriously. Momentum is not fundamental in this theory and that makes many quantum-trained physicists nervous.
  • Why are there not more questions?
    Just haven’t gotten around to writing them yet. Stay tuned.