Classical Limit, Top Level draft done

I have just finished a short posting on the classical limit using the 7 Steps Towards a Classical World and the Bohmian Mechanics book as a reference.

I have no idea how to typeset the third derivative and an equals sign had something bad happen to it. Otherwise, the texxing went okay.

The top pages have also been done and I think the final structure of the site is done for now.

Now I just need to add content. It takes a long time to add content, even meager content.

And, of course, these are really just drafts.


  • Jason wrote:

    Triple derivative is either $$x”’$$ or $$\dddot{x}$$ (as long as you use the amsmath package).

    If by equals sign you mean the “…and wanting to make the assumption that $$- \langle \nabla V(X(t)) \rangle \approx – \nabla V(\langle X(t)\rangle)$$”, that’s because you used \approx instead of =.

  • Jason wrote:

    Oh. Hrm. Maybe $x{‘}{‘}{‘}$ (x{‘}{‘}{‘}) will fix your derivatives?

  • Jason wrote:

    No, maybe $x'{}'{}’$ (x'{}'{}’). Is there a sandbox to play with how this site renders TeX?

  • It uses MathJax to render TeX. I am sure there is a sandbox for that somewhere. Thanks for your suggestions. I used $V^{\,\,\prime}$ V^{\,\,\prime} to get the initial spacing right and three primes in a row worked fine. I do not know why the spacing is such an issue, but perhaps that is just V.

    As for the equals, I do not remember what that issue was. Seems fine to me now. The approx was intentional.

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